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Does this class count towards becoming an Access Bars® Facilitator?

Yes! This class counts as one of the 3 Bars classes you require for your Bars Facilitator certification IF you take it with a partner.

Can I get a repeat price if I’ve done a Bars class before?

No. There is no repeat pricing for this.

What are the Pre-Requisites?

Access Bars! You will have taken a Bars class already in order to be able to do this class. If you have not taken a Bars class yet, you can find a class near you here.

What is a POD?

A POD is a place where a group of people get together to take the class. Here you will be able to exchange bars and a Bars or Certified Facilitator will be there to co-facilitate the class and address questions you may have.

How can I host a POD?

You can find all the details on hosting a POD here.
You can find all the details on Live-Streaming a class here.

Can I take this class alone?

Yes, and it is very dynamic when you take the class alone although it will not count as you having taken a Bars class if you take it alone. If you take the class with a partner that you can swap the Access Bars hands-on process with then it does count.

Do I have to have a partner to take this class?

If you would like to use this class as a pre-requisite for another Access class then yes.

Does Global Pricing Apply?


Does Kids Pricing Apply?

Yes. Kids 0-15 are free. 16-18 are half price.